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Case Studies

Since launching in November 2016, XY has delivered valuable projects to a variety of different clients, a few of which are below.

D Morgan

D Morgan is a civil engineering company based near Liverpool who also have an extensive plant hire operation. I worked with them to develop a suite of Excel-based financial and project management tools.

  • Staff Timesheets - Monthly timesheets for the company's permanent staff, incorporating custom forms, reference data that is loaded from databases via embedded SQL queries, integrated email functions and a significant amount of VBA code to link and update other sheets and maintain overall data integrity.
  • Timesheets Summary - When all the staff timesheets for the month have been submitted, this workbook batch processes them into collated report sheets that can be exported into either the project accounting or payroll system file formats.
  • Labour Payroll Entry - For the company's labourers, who are not permanent staff, their hours are recorded centrally by the finance team using this workbook. These entries are then rolled up into a payroll return sheet that can again be exported for upload into the 2 downstream systems. Again, reference data is loaded using hidden SQL Queries.
  • Project Resourcing - Used by project managers to plan and manage the staffing of their construction projects, it allows staff members and labourers to be allocated to a project and assigned to tasks and items of machinery. Hours worked and progress are recorded on daily diary sheets.

In addition, as future enhancements are made added to each one, all existing functionality is protected because automated regression tests have been developed alongside the main project code that are run before any new change is pushed into production. In this way, XY is able to deliver high quality solutions that can be relied upon in the long-term, even those that are highly complex.

Integrated MEP

IMEP are an engineering company based in Manchester who specialise in the installation and maintenance of mechanical, electrical and fire systems. XY has completed a number of different projects for them, 2 of which are described here:

  • Helpdesk Call-out Tracker - This tool tracks engineer call-outs for their client, Marriot hotels, and produces a number of interactive reports containing pivot charts that are optimised for PDF Export. The main sheet uses conditional formatting and dropdown boxes.
  • Ops Tracker - Again for Marriot Hotels, this tool is used to ensure the correct procedure is followed for work taking place at each hotel. The main sheet uses conditional formatting and a second sheet contains a chart-based report for management.

Manstal Ltd

Manstal work alongside IMEP for Marriot, covering their hotels in the south of the UK while IMEP cover the north. In addition to rolling out the same helpdesk tracker, I have also completed the following project for them:

  • Asset Risk Tracker - For a given hotel site, this highly specialised tool allows photographs to be loaded and stored in the spreadsheet for every risk that is tracked. A significant amount of VBA code was required and a custom form was developed to provide an image viewer dialog.

Spinal Injuries Association

SIA is a charity who's aim is to help people with spinal cord injuries live fulfilled lives. As a trustee, I have undertaken a couple of unpaid projects for them, one of which was:

  • Personal Health Budget Projections - A tool involving complex calculations that a person applying for NHS care funding could use to work out the annual cost of their care staff. It produced two PDF reports showing this broken out in different levels of detail.

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