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Do you have a spreadsheet that essentially does the job, but you find the process of using it repetitive or onerous? Do you find yourself constantly cutting and pasting to and from Excel and wish things could be easier?

Excel is a more powerful tool than many people realise and through the development of sometimes even a simple macro, a laborious, repetitive task can be performed automatically at the touch of a button. Things like importing or exporting data to external files can be automated, as can sending emails.

Excel provides the ability to 'record' macros by demonstrating the steps that you want it to replay automatically later. While this can be useful for very simple tasks, it often produces disappointing results and if something changes even slightly later on, the whole macro needs to be re-recorded from scratch. Writing macros in Microsoft Office's programming language Visual Basic for Applications (VBA) is a much better and more powerful approach.

Case Study - D Morgan - Timesheets Processing

D Morgan is a civil engineering company based near Liverpool who also have an extensive plant hire operation. Some of the work I have done for them centred on their staff timesheets, firstly to redevelop the timesheets themselves, and secondly to batch process all of the completed timesheets into 2 consolidated upload files for their main project accounting and payroll systems. Click here for a full description of what was delivered.

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