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D Morgan - Timesheets Summary

Once all the staff at Morgan have submitted their monthly timesheets the payroll department needs to pull all the data together and upload it into the main project accounting and payroll systems. This workbook therefore provides the means to batch process a set of timesheets into two reports that can then be exported into files suitable for upload.

The sheets in the delivered workbook are as follows:

Entry Screen - This sheet is displayed initially, in exactly the same manner as the one in the Timesheets workbook example.

Setup Sheet - This is the main sheet, from where the batch process is run and monitored. The user must first choose the 'Source Folder' from where to load the timesheet files. Clicking this cell launches a file dialog. They must also choose the payroll month and year that they are running for.

Next the user clicks 'Scan' to load the list of timesheet files that exist in the source folder (employee names shown are fictional).

Clicking 'Run' begins the process of loading the information from the timesheet files into the workbook.

The batch can finish in one of 3 states: success, failed or incomplete (partial success). In addition, an error reason is displayed beside each failed timesheet.

Report Sheets - These sheets display the collated timesheet data in the form of 2 reports, one for the hours worked on each project by each employee and one for employee overtime hours for the month.

Data Export - Clicking the 'Export' button on the main sheet brings up a dialog prompting the user to choose between the 2 supported file formats. The resulting file is then saved to a location chosen by the user in a file chooser window.

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