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Pete Hamilton

Pete Hamilton

Following a 10 year career as a financial software engineer and project manager at the investment banks JPMorgan and Goldman Sachs, in 2015 I reconsidered:

   - The sometimes poor ethics of my employers
   - The pressure I had come under to cut standards
   - The attraction of working with smaller clients

I therefore started XY to leave behind the corporate world and make my services financially accessible to predominantly smaller clients. This is why I purposely price my services at a reduced rate compared my competition.

I have a passion for Agile software development, and am committed to using best practices to deliver higher-quality solutions and maximise business value.

I take pride in what I do, and have never been happier in my work.

I have a first class degree in Software Engineering, hold the Investment Management Certificate (IMC) and am a certified Scrum Master (Agile software development).

In addition to Excel, I am also an active web developer. Having no external costs in this area helps to keep the pressure off what I in turn need to charge for my Excel development services.