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Integrated MEP - Helpdesk Tracker

This tool is used by the operators of their hotline number that Marriot hotels call whenever there is a maintenance need. Each row logs the initial details (time, caller, hotel and job description), along with a priority number (1-4, selected from a drop-down list) that is conditionally formatted by value. After the engineer has completed the work, the resolution time is entered and an 'on target' status is computed based on the elapsed time and the number of hours expected for that priority number. Conditional formatting is also used to highlight mandatory information that has not yet been entered (light yellow).

Other sheets provide interactive dashboards that are sent to Marriot facilities management. These are made up of pivot charts that are linked to a single hotel picker on the right hand side of each report, the linkage for which is driven by custom VBA macro code that runs behind the scenes. In this way, choosing a different selection of hotels triggers all of the charts to update.

Links to these as PDFs:

helpdesk-status.pdf       helpdesk-quarter-end-status.pdf

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